Easy Personalized Graphics For Your Business (Part 1)


Short. Sweet. Simple

That’s how your process should be when personalizing your posts and graphics. You want to genuinely connect with your customers.

A wise person once told me..

“Everyone loves to buy, but no one likes to be sold too.”

In my experience, I have found this to be so incredibly true. People want the chance to form their own opinion. They want to chat with their friends and family to make an informed decision💡

Using creativity and personality helps to humanize your products, services and brand. Below are the easy steps to making graphics that are custom to your business!



Try and go into it with some direction, The Best Wallpapers and Backgrounds App has a great categorized selection



I chose Abstract, but as you can see there is close to any photo you could think of.


On the Left side you have the option to crop or rotate your selected image – or you can chose to bypass either by pressing Skip. On the Right side you have filter options similar to Instagram. From that screen you can save your background directly to your phone.


If you are just adding font or some design to your background you can do this right from Phonto.
Don’t be afraid to familiarize yourself with the app. Make something ugly, try colours that don’t work. Have fun 🎉



This app has a font for every occasion. You can be as unique as you want!


Phonto is very easy to navigate, these tabs are self explanatory I’m sure.


You can chose a variety of colours and go through and get the exact shade you want & decide how you want that colour to appear on your text.



Voila! You’ve got a unique announcement, giveaway or special your customers will appreciate

I will continue on in Part 2 with how I use Instasize in combination with Phonto to create one of a kind social media graphics

– V.


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