Facebook Groups


If your Facebook is anything like mine, your probably in 5 or more groups and are getting notified practically anytime someone sneezes in them.

I love FB groups they are a great way to market, however when it comes to them it is my belief that there is a thin line between convenient and annoying. I’ve put together a really quick “How-To” turn off group notifications. You still get the circled numbers showing you that there is something new in the group, but it doesn’t show up in your actual notifications – which is awesome.

1. I suggest downloading the FB groups app as it is easy access to all group settings.

2. Click on the group you wish to receive less or no notifications at all from.

3. Notification Settings are what we are looking for on this screen, when you find it you will see all the different options you have in regards to being notified from the group.

Happy Monday!



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