How to Create a Polaroid with Instasize


For those of you who like to be creative on Instagram. This is an easy way to be unique with your photos, and can be done in one App.

I like to choose photos that already have a vintage vibe, but due to modern technology and filters pretty much any photo can have the vintage vibe added to it.


To start your going to go through the available filters and see which one works for yours. There is no one size fits all with this one, it all depends on your lighting and focus. In my case, Celsius worked.


Next your going to Crop your photo. It is available on the bar under filters, you just have to scroll to the right. There are also some other fun tools like stickers and text. I should have mentioned in my other blogs that you don’t NEED Phonto and Instasize. I generally prefer Phonto for text because you can personalize and be a bit more specific with it.

Your going to choose the 1:1 crop option, enlarge the square and centre your photo as desired. Press the check mark ✔


Your photo will be centered when it’s freshly cropped, so move it up a bit so the frame around the photo resembles that of a Polaroid camera photo.


Add any text from the font choices available, or use Phonto. You change the text color by using the tear drop shaped image in the black circle on the top left point of the outlined text.


There you have it, Folks. A good ol’ Fashioned Polaroid.

– V.

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