The 3R’s (Part 2)


I know the saying and I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m going to assume I’m speaking to mostly small to medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs.

Use your posts to talk to your community! Listen to what they are saying and relate to it – positively.

For Example; If everyone is posting about that darn Hydro One and how costly it is – find an article about how to cut hydro costs.

⬆ Your community will notice the effort you put in. Consistent, relatable posts will show your target audience you want to connect, hear from them, and supply them what they NEED. Showing consistency builds trust.

It will be a challenge at first to come up with positive and “problem solving” content and not every post will be perfect. As long as your letting your personality and passion for your business be present in every post!

Get Real & Relatable ✔

– V.

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