8 Reasons Why The Niagara Region Is Making The World A Better Place

10 Reasons why the (1)

If your one of those, “I hate the Niagara Region” people then you should probably stop reading now.

I’ll be honest I was also one of those people, but I had that opinion when I was in high school and it was probably mostly driven from my hate for math class.

I spent two years in Australia and strongly considered staying there permanently. It just wasn’t home.

The Niagara Region is a regional municipality consisting of twelve municipalities in Southern Ontario, Canada

Here are 8 Reasons Why the Niagara Region is Making the World a Better Place:

1. We make ALOT of wine. According to the VQA Website there are 1,958,272 Nine Litre cases produced annually.
*Takes sip of Jackson Triggs

2. Humans Of St.Catharines. Getting to know the people in our community one story at a time. We are colourful, we are unique, we are an open book. The beautiful thing about this page is that it’s not just for the Niagara Region. Humans of St.Catharines shares who we are and our stories with the world to create connections. Thankfully, with social media we now have the opportunity to share our experiences with people globally. This will hopefully encourage constructive and positive communication, international support that connects people who have similar life paths or circumstances.

3. Beechwood Doughnuts. 100% Vegan Doughnuts located at 3 James Street, Downtown St.Catharines. No, you can’t tell they are vegan. YES they are delicious. Are you wondering how Doughnuts could make the world a better place?  Then you’ve obviously never been to Beechwood.

4. Sweet Music. Everyone loves music. We have had some great musicians come out of this region:
– Dallas Green (City & Colour)
– Tim Hicks, country singer – songwriter
– Neil Peart  (Rush)
– Joel Thomas Zimmerman (Deadmau5)

We have new talent ready to enrich your ears:

Eric Conlon

Including live performances by:
283 Performing Arts Company

*If you are from the Niagara Region and you would like me to include you in this section please E-mail me at Valerie.chalmers@outlook.com

5. While we are on the subject of music.. Mindbomb Records.  Yes it’s another shout out to downtown St.Catharines. If your thinking “how could this one record shop in this one city make the world a better place?”
SIMPLE! The record lives on. This shop is encouraging a new generation of people to listen to records. How does this make the world a better place? A piece of music history is not getting lost in an age of technological advancement. The world needs music – always.

6. Entrepreneurs. I have to admit this is something I am insanely proud of. People who are breaking the mould and pursuing their passions. We have artists learning to profit and build their businesses, professionals exploring their creative side, Mom Entrepreneurs Niagara, charitable community oriented people, eco-friendly advocates and self-made happy people determined to live their dreams. How does this make the world a better place?

7. Brains, baby! Admittedly, brains are not everything. Having Brock University and Niagara College in the region does help people to become more educated to understand world issues and be able to have a positive impact. So, your welcome.

8. Arts & Culture. I already touched on some local music but that is just the tip of the iceburg. Artists of all variations want to share their art and story with you. The Niagara Region supports each other. Check out The Sound – your source for arts & culture in Niagara.

If after reading this your still not sure how the Niagara Region makes the world a better place please refer to number one on the list.

– V.

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