A Unique Perspective – Art/Photography by Jennifer Gruhl

I recently began looking for people around Niagara who contribute positively to the community. My interest in the subject was sparked while writing 8 Reasons Why The Niagara Region Is Making The World A Better Place. The response has been incredible! I have already had the opportunity to feature JR Organic Products & The Literacy Centre. Please welcome:

A Unique Perspective – Art/Photography by Jennifer Gruhl


“I chose the name A Unique Perspective because I really feel it describes my art and I enjoy sharing my unique way of looking at the world!”


“I love the history and the beautiful scenery here. The Niagara Region is such a unique location, especially with the escarpment, two Great Lakes and the Welland Canal-all so close!”


“There are lots of inspirations behind my art. I love abstract images and have designed quite a few using my iPhone. These images are full of interesting geometry and symmetry.
I prefer to take photos of animals, buildings, landscapes and not really people.”

FB_IMG_1456432078396 (1)

The Niagara Region has been accepting and supportive of Jennifer and A Unique Perspective. There are quite a few art-related events around the area throughout the year that they attend and have participated in many. 


“My favorite places in the region to photograph are The Falls, Niagara Gorge, Clifton Hill, Short Hills Park, NOTL. Wow, we have alot going on here!”

How Do Jennifer and A Unique Perspective positively impact the Niagara Region?

“I love drawing portraits of people & animals because it’s very challenging to capture eyes, facial features, correct proportion..”

“Since about 2009 I have donated my original artwork to some local charities. They  auction or sell them and it helps to raise much-needed profits for them. Some charities I’ve donated art to include: Pride Niagara, Wellspring Niagara, Niagara Action for Animals and Heart Niagara. I love doing this & knowing I’m helping to support charities I believe in.”


A Unique Perspective is currently located in St.Catharines
A Unique Perspective Facebook Page
Etsy Shop
Instagram – @perfectway1976
Wellspring Niagara Facebook Page
“Wellspring is a welcoming and safe community where you will meet other men, women and children who are living with cancer.”
Niagara Action For Animals Facebook Group
“Niagara Action for Animals (NAfA) is an all volunteer, registered charity that works through public education and community assistance to foster a more compassionate society, which respects the innate worth of ALL beings.”
Heart Niagara Facebook Page
“Heart Niagara empowers our community to take control of heart health by providing children and adults with education, training and tools.”
(905) 358-5552
6017 Valley Way Unit A, Niagara Falls
Pride Niagara Facebook
Pride Niagara is a celebration of Niagara’s sexual and gender diverse community and its supporters. Based on a platform of acceptance, we provide information and social activities for the Niagara Region.”
4 Queen Street, PO Box 4020 St.Catharines

A Unique Perspective is an amazing artist with a passion for our community. The art Jennifer produces is a reflection of her love for our region, it is a beautiful form of creativity and self-expression.
– V.

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