The 3R’s (Part 3)



defined as closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.

Being consistently relevant will encourage audience growth and trust. As I said in The 3R’s Part 1

People want to know that behind your business is a person with wants, needs and feelings – just like them!

Scroll through your newsfeed and see what people are posting about and add your own personal flare. When you build up a reputation for having consistent reliable and relevant information the followers will come.

For Example – You are the owner of STC Landscaping. You know the winter season is soon coming to an end. Post a photo of your own lawn or property and how you are personally going to get ready for Spring with a few tips for the average homeowner! This shows vulnerability that even as a landscaper your lawn or property is not perfect and your willing to share your knowledge and connect to your community.

KEEP IT UP TO DATE –  Check your sources and try to use unbiased sources. Make sure you are checking dates of newspaper articles, research, blog posts – any content you are posting. Nothing is more annoying than getting through an article and realizing it was published in 2010.

KEEP IT CURRENT – Yes, we all like a good old fashioned #TBT (which I encourage because they are relatable and real) No one likes to be misinformed, no one likes to be mislead. Especially when you are posting to the community with public events make sure the information is correct – people will hold you responsible.

This is one of the general rules I follow when posting personally or for a client. If you are just tuning in feel free to check out The 3R’s Part 2.

Post with a Purpose

– V.



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