Go Fitness Niagara

I have had the pleasure of Showcasing some amazing businesses in the Niagara Region. I am excited to announce our newest addition. Please welcome:

Go Fitness Niagara


“Our business has helped thousands of Niagara Residents achieve their goals with our Exercise and Nutrition Programs. I love the Niagara Region because of the support it has for local businesses. Our loyal participants are one of the biggest reasons for our success.”

Go Fitness Niagara is located at 5881 Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls and have been in business for 7 years. Since their opening they have upgraded facilities four times in order to meet the demand of their rapidly growing clientele.


“We are Niagara’s fastest growing Body Transformation Studio. We have had numerous hard working and dedicated clients to thank for that. We were able to grow in leaps and bounds all because of the power of “word of mouth”. Our clients see results, in most cases dramatic results and they would like to share that with the world.”

Go Fitness Niagara have not limited themselves to their facility. They offer an At-Home Guided Transformation Program that anyone, anywhere in the world can benefit from.

“Since the release of our At-Home Program four months ago we have gone global. We now have successful participants across the US and Europe.”


Joshua Green is the man behind the business. He is the owner, boot camp instructor and a personal trainer. Born and raised in Niagara Falls, he has always had a passion for fitness and personal development. His story begins at the age of twelve by boxing with the Niagara Falls Boxing Club where he competed for three and a half years. Inspired at the age of sixteen by a gifted trampoline he dedicated himself to hours of practice and taught himself as much as possible. Josh evolved to incorporate hand balancing, wall flipping and concrete tumbling. By eighteen, he was noticed and began performing for local parades in the tourism district of Niagara. A local gymnastics centre was impressed with his performance and offered him an instructing position. Josh became a certified fitness professional acquiring my Personal Trainer, Group Instructor and Nutrition and Wellness certificates through CAN-FIT PRO. The Body Transformation Studio was a leap of faith taken after a successful three year boot camp program.

“After coaching gymnastics and acrobatics for two years I had found my calling.”

How Do Josh and Go Fitness Niagara positively impact the Niagara Region?

Josh devotes his free time to non – profit organizations and their endeavors. He dresses up as Spiderman and uses his acrobatic skills to help with awareness and fundraising for their causes.

Go Fitness Niagara offers a KIDitioning Bootcamp to help motivate Children to get active and find a passion for Health & Fitness.

” I wanted to educate the masses, motivate them and guide them to their own personal success. It has been so rewarding helping loads of clients achieve their goals, boost confidence and change the direction of their lives”

Go Fitness Niagara Facebook Page
Instagram – @mrgofitness

Phone Number – (905) 353-8180

Go Fitness Niagara is true to their name; dedicated to their community and inspiring it’s residents. They are passionate about our great region and the success of their clients.
– V.

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