Amari, Olivia, Jaylynn


These three are more than just dancers. They are passionate about their art and our community. All three agree that the Niagara Region is a great place to live.


The three exude confidence. There is power in their charisma. They support one another and work hard to improve their skills.


Soft spoken and bold. Amari’s passion for dance shines through every motion.

Amari has been apart of fundraisers through her school. One of her favourites was raising money for the Grade Eight Graduation. She thinks it is important that the community come together to support one another and enjoyed being able to positively contribute to her school. Amari says the biggest improvement needed for our region is that we need more places for kids to get together and play.

“I like the Niagara Region because it’s a nice, fun place to live. My favourite place is the Pen Centre.”


Kind-hearted and bright. Olivia’s constant positive attitude and willingness to learn is inspiring.

Olivia loves people. Her favourite fundraiser was the Valentines Day Dance that raised money for the Grade Eight Graduation at her school. She is also passionate about the environment. Her second favourite community activity is Earth Day and she understands the importance of recycling. Olivia agrees with Amari and thinks that the single best improvement the Niagara Region could make would be adding more places for kids to play.

“I like living in the Niagara Region because of everything! Without the Niagara Region where would my family and I live? This is where our house is and where my family and friends are. It is such a nice place!”


Fearless and strong. Jaylynns ability to adapt and achieve is unlike any other.

Jaylynn enjoys participating in school fundraisers. Her favourite so far was bringing in canned food for Community Care. She loved being able to help out people in need and thinks poverty is an important issue for Niagara to focus on. Jaylynn also feels strongly about animals, their proper treatment and care. The three stand united when it comes to improvements the Niagara Region could make, which is to add more facilities for children to play.

“I like living in the Niagara Region because it’s nice here and I get to see my friends a lot.”


Children are our future and our biggest asset. They deserve appreciation, respect and to be heard. The youth of today are the people of tomorrow. Their lives go just as quickly as ours. As a community the best thing we can do to ensure a bright future is to encourage positive growth and development of our kids. They are intelligent, they are important, they are
The Young Ones
– V.

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