Lucy Sanford – ReThink Calm


“We are electromagnetic Beings, living on an invisible weave of electromagnetic earth lines and underground water veins within a sea of man-made electromagnetic radiation and we are out of alignment. My mission is to inform, educate, empower and inspire you, to assist you to be in the best state of well-being possible, in flow with a balanced and coherent environment and to ReThink Calm for the highest good of all.”

Lucy Sanford

VCSM is pleased to welcome Lucy Sanford – ReThink Calm to our growing group of unique businesses in Niagara. Lucy has been a great person to collaborate with. She is thorough and knowledgeable. She works in a specialized field that includes: Reducing Electromagnetic Fields, Harmonizing Earth Grid Lines & Underground Water Veins, Connecting Body, Mind & Spirit.

The Inspiration Behind ReThink Calm

“My name is Lucy Sanford. For 24 years, I was a respected and highly successful real estate agent in Toronto’s west end. In 2009, I partnered with the amazing husband and wife team of David Bailey and Tracey Logan, packed my bags and moved to the small town of Crystal Beach to heal myself.

After struggling for 20 years with a growing list of mysterious symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with a little-known condition called ElectroHyperSensitivty or EHS. I experienced first-hand, the devastating, biological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields on the human energy system. I spent 2 years in isolation, 4 years training and working with the earth’s grid lines and underground water veins and 2 1/2 years of rewiring my brain. It was an extraordinary time of healing, reinventing myself, learning, creation and expansion; one that I would not change and am forever grateful.

In 2007, the then current research from scientists* in the know showed that between 1 and 3% of the population had a severe sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and/or radio frequency fields (RF), between 3 and 35% had a moderate sensitivity ** and, by 2017, the prediction is that 50% of the population will have some form of electrosensitivity***. Today in North America there is no official ‘diagnosis’ for this condition within the medical community.

On June 5, 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization, classified Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields as a class 2B carcinogen, a class shared with Lead and DDT (both of which have been banned for public use in Canada). This means that it is “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

Today my hypersensitivity and training has gifted me the ability to instill harmony and flow in environments. While I am a firm believer that reducing the amount of EMF and RF through the choice of safer options, is essential to having a balanced environment, I look at the entire energetic structure, including the geopathic stress caused by the huge burden of man-made technologies on the earth’s grid systems and underground water veins and how it affects the well-being of the people living within the environment. I do not believe that any one thing is going to ‘fix’ it all. We are body, mind and spirit and I address the whole.

It is my sincere wish that with information and education, people will be inspired to want to make at least one change in their environment for the highest good of themselves and their loved ones.”

Lucy Sanford

Connect With Lucy


Thank you Lucy for continuing to inspire, inform & encourage wellness to those around you. Welcome to VCSM.
– V.

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