Women Of Niagara – April 24th


This is a community inspired event and project that has been creatively collaborated by local businesses that will focus on women that live in the Niagara Region.

There are a few spots available and we are looking to fill them with women of all ages, professions, styles and backgrounds. This project was inspired by the women who reside in Niagara who are proud of our community and who they are. Let us take the time to get to know you, and show-off your best traits.

This project will include Professional Makeup Application, Professional Hair Styling, Professional Portraits & An Interview to be featured on Valeriechalmers.com

Meet The Dream Team

Janelie Mercure – The Photography
Janelie Mercure Photography


“Im excited to be apart of this project because i think we need to empower great woman doing great things. Whether you are a business woman or a stay at home mom. I want to emphasize your personality.”

Kaylee Barber – The Makeup
KDB Beauty


“I feel that all women should be pampered. We should all be made to feel special in our day to day lives. We deal with a lot of push back and negativity, especially from other women. We should raise each other up; Not tear each other down. That’s the world I want to live in. And if this project can help nudge us in that direction, you can be damn sure I want to be a part of it.”

 Sarah Yurkiw – The Makeup
Ruby Red Beauty


“I’m really excited to be a part of this event. I’m all about empowering women in local business and I’m so happy to have this opportunity. I can’t wait so enhance some natural beauty.”

Shelby Riediger – The Hair
Lupa Hair Studio


“I am beyond thrilled to be apart of such an amazing experience. Being in the beauty industry has given me insight on how important women empowerment is. Even when we aren’t seeking it, we never would deny it.”

Valerie Chalmers – The Interview
Niagara Showcase

val 7.jpg

“I am an equality enthusiast. It can be difficult for a woman to feel heard and it can be difficult for a woman to appreciate her inner and outer beauty. That is an inspiration behind this project. The Niagara Region is filled with giving, good and thoughtful women and I want to show the world who we are. I want the women who take part in this to leave feeling good about themselves.”

When: Sunday April 24th
Where: 89 Ormond Street North, Thorold (283 Performing Arts Company)
Time: To Be Determined through E-mail Correspondance
Fee: $20.00 to ensure participant attendance

Please use the link below to fill out your contact information and Valerie will be in touch with you via E-mail. Looking forward to meeting you!

Women Of Niagara Contact Information

3 Replies to “Women Of Niagara – April 24th”

  1. Hi Valerie, I would be interested in this. I would love to promote positive energy and how my tarot card readings help guide people on their life path.

    If this interests you, please let me know.



  2. Hi Valerie,
    I’m very interested in being part of this event! I help women dealing with anxiety and trauma release with held emotions and use natural techniques to calm the body and mind. I also have a fb group to support women and will soon be starting up a project for women with stress. I would love to speak to you more and be part of this day!


  3. Hey!!
    My girl Janelie told me about this and I would love to get involved. I run a motivational and fitness group called The Squatties and promote healthy lifestyle changes and efforts.


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