Kristen Dias – TD Mobile Mortgage Specialist


Kristen Dias – TD Mobile Mobile Mortgage Specialist is the newest client to join the growing roster of unique businesses that are listed with VCSM. Kristen is positive, dedicated and ready to find you the best mortgage possible.


With over 10 years experience and service in the financial industry Kristen provides you with professional financial advise and exceptional customer service. Committed to making your home buying experience comfortable whether you are a first time home buy or a seasoned home owner. Kristen has a flexible schedule and is available outside regular banking hours, including evening and weekends, to suit your schedule.

“Whether you are purchasing a home, looking to transfer a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage to consolidate debt, I can help you find the best mortgage solution.”

Connect with Kristen Dias

289 407 4789

Kristen is passionate about her clients, positive and a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to future collaborations and connecting people to a reliable, knowledgeable, experienced mortgage specialist. Thank You and Welcome to VCSM.
– V.


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