Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”
– A.D. Williams

The next addition to Niagara Showcase focuses on an amazing organization that simultaneously positively impacts the animals and people in our region. Animals are all to often the victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. VCSM is proud to present an organization that is committed to improving the welfare of animals.

Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara


Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara is an animal rescue group that began in February 2013, focusing on St.Catharines. They have since grown and expanded to include the entire Niagara Region. Their primary function is to rescue cats and dogs and find them permanent homes. Made up of 25 volunteers from board members to foster homes they strive to reach past their focus and impact the community as a whole. PAARN is a registered charitable organization committed to our compassionate community. They strive to make the Niagara Region (and surrounding areas) a safer place for companion animals.

“I love the sense of community in Niagara and the desire of so many people to work on behalf of the community.”
– Dr. Brad Davis, Executive Director

Dr. Brad Davis has over 20 years of experience researching, advising and consulting with organizations across the full spectrum of the economy including dozens of non profit organizations.

The Board of Directors includes: Grace Prang (Vice President), Lesley Seaborne (Secretary), Allen Tait (Treasurer), Chelsey Sneath (Director of Fostering), Megan Pasche (Director of Adoptions), Ashley Briggs-Jude (Director of Events) Tina Lanzillotta (Director of Marketing), Joanne Lowe (Director), Jane Jackson (Director), Whitney Crumback (Director)


PAARN try to assist animals in need wherever possible. They have made cash donations in order to aid other trap-neuter-release projects to reduce the number of feral cat litters and try to assist other animal rescue groups whenever possible. This organization has not limited themselves to only helping our four-legged friends, through Community Care donations they have helped low-income families during the holiday season.

“As per our organizational mandate, we are passionate about moving Niagara to being a No-Kill Community. Several organizations have identified existing animal welfare legislation in Ontario and Canada as archaic and regressive. There is a large group of citizens in this region who are not content to allow that situation to continue and are working tirelessly to bring animal welfare in this region into the 21st century – and hopefully inspire other communities to follow our example.”
–  Dr. Brad Davis, Executive Director

Available To Adopt


Hi, I’m Marley!
Male, Neutered, Black Lab Mix, 1yr, 83lbs

I am very affectionate and just want love and attention. I am a handsome boy with beautiful eyes, am responsive to commands but could benefit from basic obedience. I do love to chew things so I need lots of chew toys or things to keep me busy. I really just want someone to play with, someone I can give kisses to, and someone to love me forever. I enjoy being outside and I’m house trained but I need routine for it. I am great with other dogs and kids, and mainly just want to play ball and give kisses. Anyone would be thrilled to have a playful, super cute boy like me!
Adoption Application


Hi, I’m Drake!
Male, Beagle Mix, 10yrs, 26lbs

I’m a senior but I have a pep for walks and I don’t pull. My recall is good and better with other dogs around as my hearing may be a bit worn out, but my sense of smell is great! I will jump up around food but there’s no height to my jump, and I prefer soft food. I really enjoy ground chicken, steak and beef. I’ve had two markings in the house but none after the first night. I’m so so sweet – a super gentle soul. I’m a great family dog, and fine with cats, large and small dogs, and kids. Just need a small bed to be the happiest dog in the world!
Adoption Application


Hi, I’m Suzie!
Female, Beagle Mix, 5yrs, 23lbs

I seem to be house trained, only having had one accident the night I arrived. I’m great with my foster mom’s cat, giving him kisses and playing with him, as well as all my foster mom’s dogs. I love walking under them and then jumping up and giving them kisses!! I’ve met a few dogs in the neighborhood and loved them all, as well as all the people I’ve met. I’m great on leash and love to smell everything – today. Misty taught me how to roll in the grass and I loved it, my tail never stops wagging and I have a smile on my face constantly. My foster family is in love with me, they say I’m such a cutie!
Adoption Application

*Available for adoption as of June 2nd/2016. 


PAARN is run solely by volunteers and are always looking for caring individuals to volunteer to assist with phone calls for reference checks, home visit checks, transportation, fundraising, events and foster homes. Volunteers are not limited to the Niagara Region as they reach Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo.

Connect With Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara


Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara actively strives to improve the quality of life for the animal and human residents of our community. Their dedication to their vision and mission is inspiring.
Thank You PAARN for all that you do.
– V.

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