The Market at Go Fitness Niagara


Thursday June 2nd/2016 marks the start of a new tradition at Go Fitness Niagara, they have put together an opportunity for the residents of Niagara to support local businesses while improving their health and wellness.

“Beyond happy with the turn out. Vendors sold out of product because of your support. Happy vendors and happy visitors means a growing Market. Looking forward to MANY more Thursdays. Spread the word tag us in your Market Pictures and Check in at Go Fitness Niagara. Let’s make this THE spot to visit for all things healthy.”
– Josh Green, Owner

The Vendors

2016-06-02 15.53.31

Courtney Tobon is the owner and formulator of Love Raw Skin Care. An organic small batch skin care company based in the Niagara Region. It began with a need to know what was actually in our products. The first formulation was stretch mark cream and has grown exponentially to include a full line of skin care, hygiene products and a mens line that includes beard grooming essentials. All products are handcrafted using raw, unrefined and organic food grade ingredients. They are carefully blended to preserve the natural benefits of each ingredient. Love Raw never uses chemical additives or preservatives.

“I believe that you should be just as healthy from the outside in, as the inside out. Thats why using hand picked quality ingredients that will feed your skin the nutrients it needs as well as bring out the best in your skin, are of the utmost importance. Our skin is the largest organ we have, therefore we should be just as conscious of what we put on our skin as we are of what we put into our bodies.”
– Courtney Tobon, Owner & Formulator

Connect with Love Raw

2016-06-02 16.03.41

Juliet and Martin are the stewards of Linc Farm at Southbrook. The goal of Linc Farm is to connect Niagara to it’s food. Their Grassfed Lamb is raised on their certified organic pastures. Their lamb is grain-free, GMO-free, drug-free and hormone-free with minimal interventions such as: no early weaning, no tail docking and no castration. Linc Farm’s Free Range Pork is raised on a diet of foraged nuts, pasture, non-GMO grain (no soy or corn) and fresh whey. Consistent with their lamb, pork is also GMO-free, drug-free and hormone-free as well as being raised humanely without tail-docking or confinement.

“We have a passion for improving the living conditions of farm animals, so what better way than to lead by example? Our lamb and pork are the preferred choice for top chefs and families who care about serving the best, ethically produced meats available.”
– Juliet & Martin, Stewards

Connect with Linc Farms

2016-06-02 16.04.38

Jennifer Crumb from Happy Bees Honey. Passionate and dedicated to making sure they do their part to keep bees in our lives. They produce a delicious, quality and healthy product in a variety of flavours including Cinnamon Honey and Lemon Ginger Honey – both packed to the lid with health benefits. Happy Bees Honey is a proud member of the Ontario Bee Keepers Association providing high quality honey, soaps, lip balms and bees wax.

“Happy Bees Apiary is proud of what we do for our community and the environment. Bees save our lives every day and we owe it not to just them but to ourselves to make sure that these little creatures pollinate all of our flowers, fruits and vegetables for years to come.”
– Happy Bees Honey

Connect with Happy Bees Honey

2016-06-02 16.06.23

Above and Beyond Cupcakes & Cafe is owned by Ryan Hegedus (pictured left) and Stacey Clare (not pictured). Specializing in Vintage inspired recipes, they are a gourmet cupcakes, cake, pasty bakery and cafe located in Welland. They use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible including: farm fresh eggs, local churned organic butter and local produce. They are chemical, preservative, artificial flavour free bakery and cafe. Above and Beyond are 100% Peanut and Tree nut free bakery that offers: gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free, soy free, sesame free, corn free and vegan products.

“We firmly believe that just because you are allergic or intolerant to something doesn’t mean you should have to suffer and not be able to enjoy something sweet and delicious. With personal experience with several allergies we take the utmost care in creating these specialty items.”
– Ryan & Stacey, Owners

Connect with Above and Beyond

2016-06-02 16.09.32.jpg

Dr. Dominic Pantano and Laura Micevic (Public Relations & Marketing) from Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, one of the premier chiropractic practices in Canada. Located at 4838 Dorchester Road, Niagara Falls they strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. Their team is complete with three more Doctors, an Office Manager/Chiropractic Health Assistant, three Chiropractic Health Assistants and three Technical Chiropractic Assistants.

“We are made up of a friendly, courteous staff who provides you with a professional but comfortable atmosphere. We use gentle and effective techniques including Chiropractic Biophysics technique for spinal correction.”
– Advanced Chiropractic Team

Connect with Advanced Chiropractic Clinic

2016-06-02 16.11.47

Jessica Silvestri is the Owner and Designer at Bella Buddha Beads. Their designs are one of a kind boho-chic, gemstone jewelry perfect for a free spirit and gypsy soul. This is jewelry that can be altered to your request.

“Wear Buddha Belly Beads to make any day unique just like you! As a life long crafter, I have decided to turn my hobby into a passion! For years I have been creating and wearing my own jewelry and have decided to share it with the world!”
– Jessica Silvestri, Owner/Designer

Connect with Bella Buddha Beads
Etsy Shop

Photo sourced from Facebook

The family owned and operated Kai Wiens Family Farm is located in Niagara on the Lake. Established in 1987. Over the years Kai’s operation has grown to 130 acres of delicious Niagara stone fruits and berries such as Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Yellow Plum, Oishee Red Plum, Blue Plum/Prune.

“For years Kai, Sharla, Johannes & Klara, and Kai’s sons Dylan and Seth worked together harvesting and packing the family’s farm produce.”

Connect with Kai Wiens Family Farm

Photo Sourced From Facebook

Lisa Davis is an independent distributor with Sweet Legs. This is a clothing company that specializes in comfortable, unique leggings for every personality.

“Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!”

Connect with Lisa Davis

2016-06-02 16.48.02.jpg
Personal Purchases from Left to Right: Jam – Kai Wiens Family Farm, Wool Dryer Balls – Linc Farm, Face Cream – Low Raw & Cinnamon Honey – Happy Bees Honey


2016-06-03 14.15.09.jpg

“Come and visit our one of a kind Clean Eating Clean Living Market and Vendor Showcase Event. Every Thursday starting June 2nd. Located in Studio Two in the Niagara Industrial Mall. Front of the building. Right hand side. We will have Fresh Local Fruits and Veggies, All Natural Soaps and Bath Products, Vegan Foods, Snacks and Cream Cheeses, Clean Eating Snacks and Treats, Honey & Honey Products, Essential Oils, Clean Living Chemical free Beauty Products, Matcha Powder, Muscle Cups, Smoothies, All Natural Pet Treats, Sweet Legs Apparel, #30DAYSSTRONGERApproved Clean Eating Jams, Jellies and Fruit Juices and more!”
– An Open Invitation To The Public From GFN Owner Josh Green

The Market put together by GFN is a great opportunity for the residents of Niagara to explore and expand clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. The vendors and customers created a positive and comfortable atmosphere. This is a great family friendly event and truly a fabulous way to support businesses in Niagara.
– V.

2 Replies to “The Market at Go Fitness Niagara”

  1. Aloha,
    I love your ads for this weekly market. I didn’t see the address or the times that it’s open. Visitors to this site might need that information. Also, a contact number for other vendors who might be interested would be a good idea. A simple ‘Contact us’ button would work. I hope to get to see your market in Niagara on June 30th. See you then


    1. Hello. Thank you for the suggestions. The address is in The Market photo at the top of the article. I am not an employee of the Go Fitness Niagara or The Market, I was covering the event for those who missed out.

      All the other information is available via Go Fitness Niagara Facebook Page & Website. All other vendor contact information is also listed on their social media platforms and website which have been attached to the article under “Connect With *vendor name*”

      Hope you are having a great weekend.


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