Kristine, Agnes & Alli

“A strong woman understands that gifts such as logic, decisiveness and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts”
– Nancy Rathburn

Women Of Niagara

This was a community inspired event and project, creatively collaborated by local businesses that focus on women that live in the Niagara Region.


Kristine Srigley


Kristine is a St.Catharines born nutritionist and personal trainer. Currently living in Thorold, she jumped at the opportunity to participate in this project as she is always looking for ways to connect with other women. Personable, loyal and very caring Kristine has always been passionate about health and wellness.

“It’s always been health. If you don’t have health you don’t have anything. It was 7 years ago when my little guy I was born, I collapsed and now I have a pacemaker. It makes you look at things in a different light where you can be extremely healthy and still genetics and other factors play a role in that. Being passionate about being healthy has always been my thing.”

2016-06-27 13.40.10
Kristine Srigley

Kristine is committed to connecting with our community. Her favorite events to attend in the Niagara Region are often related to food such as farmers or supper markets. She supports local by frequenting locally owned restaurants and by enjoying the natural beauty that Niagara has to offer such as Short Hills. Kristine genuinely feels accepted by our community. The improvements she is passionate about the region making are getting kids more active and about being more vocal about our food.

2016-06-27 13.42.16
– Kristine Srigley, when asked ‘What do you want to tell the future Women of Niagara?’

Connect with Kristine Srigley – Body Health Coach
Instagram – @body_health_coach


Agnes Apps

2016-06-26 21.34.38-3

Agnes was born and raised in Welland and currently resides in St.Catharines. Her goal is to be an advocate for women. Agnes is brave, compassionate and wants to be apart of anything that can help showcase women and connect with the community. Passionate about health, wellness and making healthy, natural alternatives available to the general public so that we aren’t as reliant on Western Medicine.

“I don’t think women realize how strong they are.”

2016-06-27 21.13.27
– Agnes Apps

To Agnes, Niagara is a welcoming nice place to live. She enjoys experiencing our versions of the four seasons and attends events accordingly. Agnes is an annual attendee of the Niagara Wine Festival including the parade and frequents triathlons with her husband. Agnes believes that St.Catharines could improve on the parking downtown and that there is a dividing line between the classes. She hopes eventual the line blurs and everyone is more cohesive and culturally accepting.

“My favourite places in the region are Jaycee Park, we’ll walk and run through there. We used to go down to Port Dalhousie a lot more but not much now, especially with the pier closed. We like the wineries, We like Downtown now, we find there is more and more to do.”

2016-06-27 21.14.05.jpg
– Agnes Apps, when asked ‘What do you want to tell the future women of Niagara?’

Connect with Agnes Apps – ReHolistically Speaking
Instagram – @agnesapps

Alli Misener


Alli was born and raised in St.Catharines and loves everything about the Niagara Region. The owner of a small catering company, she was excited to be apart of a creative collaboration among like minded women in the region. Alli has a passion for real food that is available and easy for people to understand. Bohemian at heart, her business has evolved to reflect her whimsical way of life.

2016-06-27 21.59.19
– Alli Misener

Alli embodies her passion while simultaneously contributing to our community by frequenting supper markets and various local food and drink events as a vendor and a patron. She feels passionately about making the community events feel more inclusive and believes people may feel that they don’t belong at (supper) markets because they don’t attend regularly or they aren’t used to the atmosphere.

“I believe that we are growing. We are doing our best to be apart of the community. We were kind of stuck, at times it was intimidating. If you don’t have a restaurant or a food truck then maybe you stand back a little bit but I think anybody has an opportunity!

2016-06-27 21.59.56
– Alli Misener when asked ‘What do you want to tell the future Women of Niagara?’

Connect with Alli Misener – Food Swings Catering
Instagram – @alli_misener

Kristine, Agnes & Alli are positive, passionate people who share a love for the Niagara Region. Although their favourite frequent spots may vary and they are in vastly different industries these women are equally an inspiration to our community.  Thank you ladies for advocating, empowering, pursuing your dreams and sharing a chapter of your story.

– Valerie Chalmers.

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