Walk Me Home – Saturday, August 27th

walk me home

Saturday August 27th will mark the first Lincoln County Humane Society’s Walk Me Home event located at Creekside Estate Winery in St.Catharines. This is an event that is catered to animal, nature and wine lovers. This unique event will allow you and your pup to take a stroll through the fresh air and beautiful vines of Creekside Estate Winery while enjoying the music of Eric Conlon and The Bends.

This event was organized by local animal welfare advocate Jessica Greene of St.Catharines, Ontario. She is also the director of a non-profit organization titled Bands Fur Animals. Bands Fur Animals is a promotional organization that works with the music scene to raise awareness and donations for the Lincoln County Humane Society. Jessica has work diligently to pull off what is sure to be a unique and memorable event for all humans and pups involved.

“This is our precursor to the annual Lincoln County Humane Society Dog Walkathon. If you’re unable to attend the Fall Walk we are having this Fun in the Sun summer event. The Walk Me Home event is a day where we have a chance to help increase adoptions through a fun filled day. We want to give a day for dogs that need to be adopted to socialise with potential fur ever families.”
– Jessica Greene

This event has been put together with LCHS adoptable dogs in mind. The mission is to raise money for their treatment in care. You are your pup will be walking alongside a few of the doggie residents of the LCHS to help socialise them and increase their chance of adoption. You are free to roam the property inside the retail store and onto the deck in the back to grab some food with your dog. Dogs are permitted on every square inch of the winery inside and out. After lunch feel free to take a stroll down to the Vendor Village and see what amazing local dog vendors have to offer.

You can Start Your Online Pledges Now or it is $20 without pledges raised. Pledge forms are also available for pick up at the Lincoln County Humane Society.


Inquiries can be sent to bands.fur.animals@hotmail.com


Lincoln County Humane Society
160 Fourth Avenue, St.Catharines


Creekside Estate Winery
2170 Fourth Avenue, St.Catharines


This is a unique way to bond with your pup, support local businesses and enjoy the natural beauty Niagara has to offer. Take an afternoon off with your pet and help raise awareness and funds for the adoptable dogs of the Lincoln County Humane Society.

– Valerie Chalmers

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