Jessica, Julie & Cathy

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”
– Coco Chanel

Women Of Niagara

This was a community inspired event and project, creatively collaborated by local businesses that focus on women that live in the Niagara Region.

Jessica McNeil

2016-06-26 21.34.44-1

Jessica is originally from Conneticuit and is currently living in St.Catharines. She took this project as an opportunity to connect with other women, appreciating how unique the gathering was. The owner/operator of Natural Chef Niagara, she exudes confidence and knows how to create or accentuate a positive atmosphere. Passionate about natural whole foods and local food sourcing, Jessica  hopes to make these foods more readily available to the residents of Niagara.

“My mom’s sort of a hippie. My parents are both into food as well, very much home made quality ingredients always – just by default. Now a days, it’s chic if you eat all natural, back then food was just food. My dad is Italian so everything is made from scratch, my mom was always natural. I was eating tofu and buckwheat when I was six.”


Jessica shows and shares her love for supporting local business in a variety of ways. Her current passion project is the Local Business Spotlight found on the Natural Chef Niagara website. The Spotlight focuses on locally owned restaurants in the Niagara Region. There is no surprise in saying the Natural Chef’s favourite events to attend in Niagara are almost all dedicated to food. Jess has honed in on doing what she loves throughout all aspects of her life including residing in Niagara. Jess loves the  small business community and actively looks for ways to make positive contributions.

“I would like to see the old Port Dalhousie come back, but something that’s more all ages. I think that some more culture could be brought to Niagara for sure, I think we need to be more diverse.”

Jessica McNeil when asked, “What do you want to tell the future Women Of Niagara?”

Connect with Jessica McNeil – Natural Chef Niagara



Instagram – @naturalchefjess

Julie Murray

2016-06-26 21.34.43-1.jpeg

Julie is from Grimsby originally but decided to grow her roots in Thorold. Spiriutal and a Tarot Card Reader, she was excited to be apart of a project that inspires women empowerment. Passionate about positive human connection, interaction and inspiring others to love and happiness within themselves. Julie remains humbled by the joy she brings others in helping them. She believes we live in a society that is driven by fear and instead of love and that the fear creates negative energy which causes so many if the problems in the world.

“I use my intuitive gifts and tarot cards to provide insight into your life path. My readings also provide guidance to help you succeed in your journey. We need to overcome our fears and replace those feelings with love and gratitude. We need to support and empower each other. We need to follow our hearts and make decisions based on love.”


Julie believes collectively as a region we should be promoting positive attitudes to build a more caring environment. She embodies and shares this mentality by living her motto, “Do everything with love.” Julie takes advantage at several of the spiritual venues Niagara has to offer such as Spiritual Spa, Niagara Falls and Minds In Transit, Ridgeway.

“I started reading on the law of attraction and how positive energy we put out in the universe comes back to us. I started using it in a somewhat negative environment I was in and saw the results and how it changed. So I have been putting that into practise every day of my life. Its discovering doing what makes you happy and not conforming to society and the patters or expectations they have on us to do what we need to do to survive, its about doing what we love to do.”

Julie Murray when asked, “What do you want to tell the future Women Of Niagara?”

Connect with Julie Murray – Readings by Jewelz


Instagram – @jewelz.68

Cathy Berkhout-Bosse

2016-06-26 21.34.43-2

Cathy resides in Pelham but has friends in every corner of Niagara. The ReMax Real Estate Agent and Community Manager of recognized the strength in collaboration that brought Women of Niagara together and wanted to be apart of it. Cathy believes that connectivity is our future. Through her commitment to connectivity she has learned that we all grow as we help others be their best selves.

“I connect with communities, I connect people its what I do. I usually identify as a community builder. I try to help people find each other and move forward. I’ve been working in economic development for the past 30 years. There is so much opportunity for small businesses to expand and grow in Niagara.”


Cathy is actively involved in different communities throughout Niagara and feels a sense of division throughout the municipalities and believes we would thrive as a whole if we shared resources and worked together as a region. Cathy strives to connect people and create positive communication. She truly enjoys all things Niagara from hiking at Short Hills to local theatre she is an advocate for constructive interaction and community building. Her appreciation for the natural beauty Niagara has to offer is second to none, she has made it a personal goal to see all the waterfalls from here to Hamilton. She appreciates and loves being apart of local to her events such as the Niagara Supper Market in Welland or Pelham Summerfest.

“I think making decisions with a regional focus is important. Bringing people together. I have noticed that we are progressing more in the last 10 years, I think we are getting there. Connectivity in Niagara is our future.”

Cathy Berkhout-Bosse when asked, “What do you want to tell the future Women Of Niagara?” 

Connect With Cathy Berkhout-Bosse

myNiagara Online Facebook
Team Berkhout Bosse – Re/Max Welland

Realty VoicemyPelhammyWellandmyNOTL



Jessica, Julie & Cathy are consistent in their commitment to supporting local, empowering local and connecting local. They are looking forward to a happy, healthier Niagara in which we use our resources to come together instead as an excuse to pull us apart. There is strength in numbers. All agree and emphasize that if our community comes together with a collective intention or purpose we are capable of great things. Thank you for letting me share some of your story and for always inspiring!
– Valerie Chalmers



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