VCSM is delighted to highlight our newest client

“We created Kids in Niagara as we were tired of searching the web to find every day vendors, a hair salon, a gymnastics club, or just something fun to do.
By the time you had found what you are looking for supper was burnt, the place was closed, or the kids slowly drove you insane and you gave up. Kids in Niagara will give you back your time, precious hours of your life spent googling until your fingers cramped, is now yours.”

– Adrienne Smith-Gelbart, Founder of Kids In Niagara

Kids In Niagara is about convenience and community. It is convenient for the community and the community is what helps to make it convenient. This resource website gives you the opportunity to discover everything for your family in one place. It doubles as a fabulous tool for business owners/entrepreneurs who want to get their local event noticed!


Adrienne is passionate about her family and making the most out of life. By creating this community resource she has given Niagara families back hours of decision making time. From event planning to parental advice Kids In Niagara has it all!
Thank you and welcome to VCSM.
– Valerie Chalmers

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