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I first stumbled upon The Kinder Way Cosmetics at Mom Entrepreneurs Niagara Fall Fair. Being a fan of cruelty free and environmentally friendly products, their business name immediately intrigued me. I have to admit, I did not purchase their products right then and there (I was live covering the event and did not have extra hands to carry anything extra unfortunately). After the event, I looked them up on Facebook and sent them a message seeking advice as to which products would be best suited for a daily cleansing routine. The response I received was pleasant, prompt and informative! Their suggestion was three steps of The Kinder Way Cosmetics 5 Step Natural Skin Care Line.

The full line includes: Cleansing Clay, Toner, Coffee & Rose Hip Face Scrub, Clay Mask and Cold Pressed Face Oil.

I purchased: Cleansing Clay, Toner and the Cold Pressed Face Oil.

β€œStep 1: CLEANSE. Our new reformulated Cleansing Clay is suitable for all skin types. It contains ground oats, kaolin clay, soothing cucumber peel and chamomile powder, and burdock root powder. It’s the perfect everyday cleanser. Check back tomorrow for Step 2 of our new 5 Step Natural Skin Care line.”
Source: The Kinder Way Cosmetics Facebook Page


I have struggled with adult acne since I was pregnant with my nearly two year old son Felix. I have gotten really used to using Apricot scrub as I find it clears my face up the fastest and longest. I enjoy the toughness and texture and was very curious to see how ground oats would compare, I was pleasantly surprised.

Cleansing Clay (as you can see) comes in a powdered form. The Kinder Way Cosmetics suggests you pour a small amount in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water, mix it together, rub on your face, rinse off and dry. The idea of mixing it in my hand was a bit off putting at first, now it has just become apart of the routine. If you are like me and like textured face washes or scrubs you will want to use more than a small amount.


It pleasantly differs from Apricot Scrub in that it’s texture is not as coarse or rough on your skin, it is the same in that they both leave your face feeling fresh, clean and clear. It has an earthy aroma with a mild emphasis on the ground oats and clay.


In addition to my face being relatively blemish free (a nice change), Cleansing Clay has also been replenishing my skin. On the days where I don’t have time to follow up with toner or moisturizer (even in the cold weather) my face is a lot less dry! This is a huge bonus for anyone who has dryness or redness during the winter months.

Cleansing Clay and water mixture applied to face.

This product is perfect for anyone who supports handmade, natural, cruelty free, environmentally friendly products. It comes in a unique glass bottle with a straight forward, honest label that accurately reflects The Kinder Way Cosmetics brand.

After mixture has been rinsed off.

The four ounce bottle of Cleansing Clay retails for $15.00. It can be purchased at one of the many events The Kinder Way Cosmetics attends, ordered via their Etsy store or if you are
in the Niagara Region you can message or E-Mail them to arrange a pick up.

The Kinder Way Cosmetics Etsy Store

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions about my experience with this product please don’t hesitate to ask!Untitled design.png

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  1. Hey Valerie!

    What an awesome review πŸ’œ that is so nice of you to do!! Glad you enjoyed it, as it is always nice to find a product that helps fix something.
    Hope you and your famjam have an awesome xmas if i dont run into u beforenwxt weekend 😘😘
    Merry Christmas
    Jenny xoxo
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