Bellabeat – Leaf Urban



At first glance the Bellabeat looks like a statement piece or a peek-a-boo accessory meant to add creativity or flare your every day outfit whether you be a stay at home mom or a CEO. It can be discreet or bold, it is made for the lifestyle of any woman.

“Bellabeat helps create a better, healthier lifestyle by bringing intuitive wellness tools to women, encouraging them to take care of their health and to be informed. Bellabeat has always been inspired by the beauty and power of nature, which is incorporated into all of their products.”


It has a sleek design that is versatile and convertible to suit your style. This product tracks your time spent on physical activity, meditating and sleeping. It uses these features to then predict your stress levels for that day, allowing you to navigate through your day. For example, if your stress levels are particularly high after you sync your sleep and you have a busy day lined up, you can take some time to meditate and prepare/calm yourself for and throughout the day.The Bellabeat has built in meditations and breathing exercises that automatically logs your time spent. If you choose to do a self and/or guided meditations you can log them in manually. There are goal setting, alarm and lack of physical activity alerts, all of which you can customize. It is easy to use and practical.

Similar to other fitness trackers, there is a free app you download and sync too in order to see your progress. Below are screenshots of each section in the app and how they appear. This is my personal data.


Unlike other fitness trackers, the Leaf Urban allows you to transition the way you wear it. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or clipped onto your clothing. I find the clip on option extremely practical as I am a dance instructor and need to be able to move my limbs without being hit in the face, or jewelry flying off. If you are an active person, you will appreciate it as well. It is lightweight and barely noticeable.


My favourite thing about this product has to be the stress and mental health features. As a busy person, it is crucial to time management and productivity to be mentally prepared each day, to know the stress levels I’m waking up with and how to reduce them. Full disclosure, I have tried to consistently meditate for 2 years with no success. The guided meditations on the Bellabeat App are made and spoken to women, my go to is “De Stress For Busy Women” where you have the chance to center, thank and appreciate your deepest self. I haven’t taken advantage of the breathing exercises as I have found meditating works best for me personally. The sleep tracking is pretty accurate, there have only been a few times where I have had to adjust the hours I spent asleep. The tracking in all aspects are mostly accurate, as your Leaf starts to gather your information more regularly, the more “in-tune” it is with your daily habits. That in and of itself is a benefit, knowing your daily habits and knowing what you have to do to make yourself feel better.


As with any product, there are a few things missing that I have noticed. Unfortunately, there is no nutrition option on the app. I haven’t looked too far into this so something could be in the works or it could be simply that Bellabeat wants you to focus more on your mental and physical health and not to stress about the calories. Personally, I would like to see a Healthy Meal Guide or “Healthy Meals of the Day” section where you can refer if your stumped on what to eat. If you are a deep sleeper, do not use this device as an alarm. I am a deep sleeper and tested the alarm two nights in a row, one with the Leaf clipped on my shirt and one on my pants and was not woken up either time. It is a vibration that is meant to wake you up in a non aggressive way (such as an alarm tone). It is a great idea for those who it will wake up but it did not benefit me unfortunately.


The leaf is ideal for any woman who is looking to improve their physical and mental state. Busy or not this product can help you track your physical activity, mental health and sleep. It provides you with solutions if your stress levels are high and rewards you with tidbits of information, tips, tricks and compliments for achieving your wellness goals. Women of any age or lifestyle can use this product with ease and be motivated to do so. This product is available in a variety of styles and colours on the Bellabeat Website or Best Buy, online or in store.

*I was not paid to write this review


As always, thanks for tuning in!
– Valerie Chalmers

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