Passion Planner

I am a scatter brain. To give you a clearer idea, for those of you who believe in astrology anyway, I’m a Gemini. I crave being busy but at the same time I need to be structured and organized in order to be productive and positive. I have tried many planners throughout the years from school agendas, to day planners to detailed planning and bullet journals. I could never stick to any of them and would feel disappointed in myself when they didn’t pan out as I had hoped. So, despite my reservations about trying yet another day planner that probably wouldn’t work for me, I ordered one.

“I decided to make a tool that helped people clearly define their personal goals and dreams and put them at the forefront of their attention, a planner was the PERFECT solution. Passion Planner helps people break down their long and short terms goals into more actionable steps and gives them a place to incorporate these steps into their daily lives.”


While I awaited it’s arrival I browsed through the Passion Planner social media channels to learn how to make the most of it. A new planner can be daunting, you have to be prepared for these things. After watching, reading and scribbling down ideas for the new planner of my dreams, I realized this wasn’t only a new planner, it was a lifestyle change. I was going to be able to organize my day to day tasks, future tasks, meetings, appointments, thoughts, to do lists, goals and steps to complete my goals.

The Passion Planner is available in a variety of sizes and colours. The sizes available are Classic (8.5 x 11″)  & Compact (5.5 x 8.5″). They come in ‘Dated’ (for New Year purchases) or ‘Undated’ (for later in the year purchases) and the colours include Pink, Purple, Light Blue and Black. I’m the kind of gal who likes to match my day planner with my outfit or accessories, especially if I’m taking it to a business or professional meeting, so I ordered Black in the Classic Size and Dated because I purchased it at the end of 2016. Yes believe it or not this is one New Years Resolution that is still going strong!


The Passion Planner sets you up to succeed from the get go. It suggests and gives you time to write out a Success Road Map that leads you to monthly goals and how to actively live your life in pursuit of your passion or goal. It organizes and breaks down your time by month, day and hour and has monthly reflections in which you write down what you loved about the previous month and what you are going to do next month to stay on track. A fantastic features of the monthly layout are the Not To Do List and Monthly Focus (broken down into personal and work). It also includes Places To Go and People To See. The weekly layouts include Daily FocusWork/Personal To Do Lists and Good Things That Happen. Weekly layouts also include and inspirational or motivational quote. The best advice Passion Planner gives is, “Fill in all the blanks.” They believe that once things are out of your head and laid out in front of you, you are able to remain calm, organized and in control of your life.


If you are a busy, goal oriented person then this planner is perfect for you. If you are a stressed, scatter brained person then this may be a great tool for you. If you feel you aren’t effectively time managing, this may help in finding where the problem is. If you are a late person, this may encourage a more structured schedule. If you like to doodle or include art in your planners, this ones for you.If you feel you have plateaued in your career or life or that your life isn’t headed in the direction you had hoped then this planner my help you get back on track.

Before I started using the Passion Planner, I would have never been able to stay on top of the day to day tasks of running a business, household, be me and more all at the same time. I have in the past written about Balancing Your Busy Lifestyle in which I encouraged scheduling and using a planner to make the most of your time whether you are busy or resting. This tool will lay out your month or week so you can see when you are truly busy and when stressed is tricking you into thinking you are.

The only con about the Passion Planner I found (which I found was the same as Bullet Journaling) is that I am not an artist. Many of the tutorial videos for how to use this product I stopped watching as soon as I knew there was a step I was unable to do. Many of the photos used are beautifully decorated by artists which is wonderful and inspiring, however I know I can’t do it. If you are not a visual artist you will have to settle for the random doodle and usual pen writing. It doesn’t take anything away from use this planner to be more organized, it just may not be that pretty.


Passion Planners are available to order here. ranging in price from $30-35. If you are shopping in Canada please keep in mind that prices on their website are shown in US dollars. The website also indicates that orders will be shipped within 2 – 3 business days, if you are in Canada, it will take a little longer to get here. They do provide you with a tracking number and customer service is prompt to respond with any concerns you may have (I interacted with them personally).

I think it is pretty clear that this product has made a very positive impact on my life. It has taken away the stress of uncertainty or forgotten tasks and has encouraged an organized, positive and productive lifestyle!

* I was not paid to write this review, purchased the product and paid other associated fees/costs.



As always, thanks for tuning in!
– Valerie Chalmers



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