I’m a go-getter, to-do lister and goal setter who loves helping busy business owners like you find their voice on social media. 

Defining yourself online and setting your business apart from the competition is challenging. You understand your customers crave engaging, valuable content that speaks to them, answers their questions and solves their problems. And they want to know the real you before they walk in your door.

These are all things I’ve learned as I’ve built my own business, become a dance instructor and learned more about social media and community building than I would have thought possible five years ago.

Community is so important to me. I am actively involved with St.Catharines and the Niagara Region in a variety of ways including currently being a member of:  St.Catharines Culture Plan Subcommittee, Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce, Niagara Podcasters Network, Promotions and Marketing Committee for No Fixed Address, Co-Chair of the Promotions and Marketing Committee for Niagara Leadership Summit for Women and a Finalist for the Community Spirit Award at the Women in Business Awards 2017.

I have worked in a range of sales and customer service based industries including sales, telemarketing, serving & bartending and direct sales vendor events. Those jobs taught me a lot about how to communicate and build strong connections with my clients, but more than that, they instilled the work ethic, adaptability and confidence I carry with me today.  I discovered that I loved helping my customers identify their problems and finding solutions to solve them.

As I learned more about online marketing and social media, I also continued to hone my skills as a dance instructor and choreographer.

These days, my keen eye for design, passion for dance and belief in the power of community drive me to keep writing, exploring and collaborating with some amazingly inspiring people right here in Niagara. My clients are small business owners from across a wide range of industries, from real estate to retail and entertainment.

I find myself learning from others every day, and enjoy partnering with other independent creative entrepreneurs to tell the stories of people from many walks of life and offer services including photography at live events, social media workshops and more. So far, Niagara Showcase has featured community-inspired projects such as Women of Niagara, The Young Ones and community events that raise awareness and funds for local causes, and we can’t wait to produce more. 

In my off hours, you can find me teaching classes to dancers of all ages at Between Mothers and Cabar-EH Youth Theatre. I also love spending time with my son Felix and husband Ian.

When you work with me, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Using my fresh perspective, I’ll help you tell your story with creativity, consistency and community engagement. From creating and managing content to developing strategy and training sessions for every type of user whether you’re a novice or intermediate, I’ll develop a custom-made social media plan that works for you.




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  1. I’d work with Val again and again in a heart beat! So down to earth and easy to get along with which makes the hard work fly by with her!

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