Micro Influencing

What is Influencer Marketing?

“Influencer Marketing is when businesses employ individuals with a strong or powerful influence on the internet through their social channels, such as a blog or Instagram. The strength of an Influencer is usually determined by their total reach and their total engagement. Influencers have massive followings that businesses want to target.

Micro Influencers are Influencers with a much smaller following, usually between 500 and 5000. But the following is tight knit. But businesses don’t always want to look for individuals with the highest amount of followers. Different Influencers may post about different things and captivate diverse audiences. Businesses want to find Influencers that are the right fit for them. Sometimes finding the right Micro Influencers can be as effective as partnering with an Influencer with a massive following. ”


How Influencial is Valerie Chalmers?

“Valerie Chalmers has a history in sales, customer service is currently a dance instructor and owner/operator of a successful social media marketing business. Valerie displays her creativity through content curation, custom graphics and choreography. She has used her passion for people to develop her communication skills and prides herself on her sense of humor, transperancy and positive nature.”

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