Bellabeat – Leaf Urban

At first glance the Bellabeat looks like a statement piece or a peek-a-boo accessory meant to add creativity or flare your every day outfit whether you be a stay at home mom or a CEO. It can be discreet or bold, it is made for the lifestyle of any woman.

Clean Eating: A 15 Day Meal Plan of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss by Sam Kuma

I have only had the opportunity to give 2 of these amazing recipes a try so far. Not only were they delicious and quick but they kept me going throughout the day. The breakfast I tried, Poached Eggs Marinara, was the kick in the butt I needed in the morning. I noticed a change in …

The Market at Go Fitness Niagara

Thursday June 2nd/2016 marks the start of a new tradition at Go Fitness Niagara, they have put together an opportunity for the residents of Niagara to support local businesses while improving their health and wellness.